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Lost in Space

Netflix | 2 Seasons

Lost in Space is a science fiction remake of the old 1965 television series, based on the 1812 novel The Swiss Family Robinson. The series focuses on the Robinson family, a group of settlers who have been selected to leave Earth in the hope of colonizing the new world that has been discovered in the Alpha Centauri system, the new home and hope of the human race. The Resolute, mothership on its 24th mission, has an altercation that deviates the course of the settlers to an unknown planet, forcing the Robinson family to abandon the mothership in their Jupiter, family ship for the settlers. Their Jupiter crashes on the planet, where they encounter various obstacles that will endanger their lives and test the character of each of the family members.

Will they make it to Alpha Centauri? It’s a matter of time, but it will be loaded with storyline surprises and excitement. I recommend this series, a good job has been done in the script and in the care of the plot, the characters and in the course of the events. Directed by Stephen Hopkins.

Irene Llorente is a designer and writer for The Cannabis Cactus Magazine. She likes drawing with pencils, painting with watercolors, and sometimes she works in digital 3D. Her interests include nature, specifically birds and bugs, exercise and historical theology. See her art on her website or Instagram.


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