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Joints & Photographs: Interview with Alissa Brunelli

Alissa Brunelli has become one of the most recognizable people in AZ cannabis, and nobody knows how dope she is. She runs Full Spectrum Creative, a cannabis photography company, Marketing manager for Hana Meds, and a photographer for Suicide Girls. I have worked with, smoked with, and observed her awesome influence with photography on cannabis in AZ over the last few years. Marketing standards, promo photos, and so many innovations have come from her time working with cannabis. We chop it up so everyone can know a little more about this great voice in our cannabis community.

Any favorite strains from cultivations, or products that patients should check out in AZ?

I like Dutchie’s Forest Fire, MAC from Aeriz and any flower from Tru|med.

What sort of experience with cannabis or mmj do you have?

Besides being a cannabis smoker for 19 years now, I worked as a budtender for about 3 years.

What’s your industry experience, and how does it shape your path going forward?

The budtending experience (3 years) really helps me with everything because I have an understanding of the products and what the patients are looking for!

Advice for those newbies entering the industry?


What’s a favorite cannabis memory?

All memories are better with cannabis, but just spending time with friends laughing are probably my favorites.

Who’s your go-to dispensary? Why?

Midtown Curaleaf for the atmosphere, plus I worked there when it was Midtown Roots, so it just feels like home to me.

It was Midtown Roots where I met and worked with Alissa, our dispensary when working in alignment was some kind of energy to be felt. She was our photographer and her work drove our dispensary direction. The careful composition and suicidegirl aesthetics have made her photos, as well as style, a sought after voice for marketing around Arizona. I was able to witness the shift from her work making a splash, to building a steady following, and eventually becoming a known name with vendors or dispensaries. The groundwork for her success was made during this time, and it took all of us working together to make our dispensary awesome as well.

How did you get your start doing photography?

It’s just something I’ve always done, even as a kid I loved taking and looking at photos and I decided at a young age that I wanted to be a photographer, so I was always working towards that goal.

What is your photography background?

I went to Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio for photography and they gave me a great education and pretty much right out of college I started shooting for a company called Suicide Girls and they kept me busy for about 10 years till I moved to Arizona. That’s when I decided I wanted to get into the cannabis industry any way I could. I still work for Suicide Girls here and there but mostly I’ve been focusing on cannabis photos for the last year.

Your photography is shaping cannabis marketing along the west coast. How does your influence affect your composition?

The industry is rapidly growing, I work hard to constantly assess the market to stay ahead of the curve, refining the way I shoot and the style I put forward in my images.

What do you hope to change as a cannabis photographer?

Peoples’ mis-assumptions about cannabis and people who use cannabis… It will be interesting to see the changes, and how the industry will grow in the future.

What do you want people to know about cannabis?

How much it can change people’s lives for the better. That the lazy stoner stereotype is really inaccurate.

You have a unique ability to compose photos that depict real life situations of people medicating and often capture the reality of cannabis use, what do you think is missing in depictions of modern cannabis use?

Pretty much exactly that, I just love photographing people, I think people in images can tell a story in a way that product shots never can.

It is always incredible to know more about people in cannabis like Alissa, and I hope to do more of it. She has several photo sets she has shot on Suicide Girls that are worth checking out, and supporting. Full Spectrum Creative is on social media and worth a follow for more awesome MMJ photography. Many thanks to Alissa for some more info below and just being available! She is such a kind and joyous person, and I encourage anyone who sees her at a vendor or dispensary to say hello, ask her what she’s photographing or how her day is.

What do you have going on in your life, to share with readers (shows, biz, hobbies, social media, etc.)?

Right now my time is split between shooting/editing and trying to be a good dog mom and plant mom… I really don’t have time for much else. I do love to go antiquing too if I get a spare moment.

Favorite record?

That’s the hardest question, I don’t think I could pick just one… this month Charles Bradley has been on heavy rotation.

Favorite movies?

Rushmore, Big Lebowski

Museums or Food Trucks?

Both… in the same day sounds perfect

Dabs or Joints?


Waffles or Pancakes?


Favorite Season?



Yes!? Haha, I use photoshop

Any Favorite gear, or recommendations?

I love canon but Sony & Fuji have put out some new cameras that I want to get!


I prefer joints but I’d never turn down a blunt.


I love them all… currently my favorite is any of the Love, Carissa line.

Check out more amazing pics from Alissa Brunelli on her website and her instagram @alissabrunelli.



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