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Jilly Bean by Mohave Cannabis

Jilly Bean | ⅛ Pre-Packaged Mohave Cannabis | Debbie’s Dispensary

A very fruity sativa dominant hybrid, originally coming from Mz Jill working with TGA Subcool. (RIP Subcool, passed in February 2020) Jilly Bean is created from crossing Space Queen with Orange Velvet leaving you a very distinctive taste. To me very bitter, yet sweet with heavy citrus accents. Great daytime Mohave strain, can usually be found at any Debbies location. By Kevin Vontesmar@MyRSOjourney.

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Kevin Vontesmar is a father and 2 time cancer patient. Kevin uses RSO as part of his cancer treatment plan and no longer uses any other medicines. Read about his experience and follow his journey on instagram.


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