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Jenny Kush Fresh Press Live Hash Rosin by The Superior

Jenny Kush | Fresh Press Live Hash Rosin The Superior | The Superior Dispensary

I personally am not a fan of fresh pressed rosins. I feel that they need a little time to cure and butter up into a more creamy consistency and opaque color than the more usual transparent golden color you usually see with fresh presses. This option from The Superior Dispensary definitely is a hit. Although the smell wasn’t very strong, there was a very noticeable floral scent but not much other than that. Same thing with the flavor, nice and herbal with a bit of earth with some faint hints of sweetness on the exhale. Once this Jenny started to butter, the whole thing changed. Although the floral and earth was still there the sweetness came through stronger on both smell and flavor and pushed that floral flavor to the backend of the exhale. The effects were strong, uplifting yet relaxing, a perfect 50/50 hybrid that will help you tackle your day stress free. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.

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