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It’s Historic: Dubie’z Smoke Shop

In the famous words of a historic cartoon character Bugs Bunny “I KNEW I ‘shouldn’t of made dat left toin at Albakoikie (Albuquerque). Well I did and 19 something years later here I still am, in Albuquerque. A super cool, rich with history kind of place. A place off the beaten trail but not really. Being as we have the mother road that runs right through making our main road through town. Rt. 66 is as historic as the automobile, as historic as well as apple pie. The history in Albuquerque is vast and amazing. The history, depending on who it’s told by, can range from the Spanish conquistadores to cannabis and everything in between. Some can and will say we are history and world recognition for wine is something to mention and brag about. So, let’s make those people happy real quick with a cool fact. Did you know in 1629 a Spaniard named Franciscan Garcia de Zuniga and a Monk named Antonio de Arteaga started growing wine grapes in the Rio Grande Valley? Well, it’s true! By the 19th century, New Mexico was the number one wine producer in the United States. Nowadays, we have something like 50 or so wineries and most all have award winning varieties. Others can brag about being the highest, or about Smokey. Both would be right, no I’m not talking about weed. For once. I’m talking about how the New Mexico state capitol is the HIGHEST in elevation at 7,199 feet. Higher than any other state capitol. Eat your heart out Mile High City. Ok, one more and then on to my favorite history here. Smokey? Yes, Smokey Bear. We all have heard of the cute clothed bear that puts all forest fire responsibility on us. “Only you can prevent forest….. wait no I won’t, but I will tell you Smokey Bear, the historic legend starts right here. That’s right, local firefighters battling a forest fire rescued the bear we all know today as Smokey the Bear.

Dubie’z Smokeshop

Well that’s enough school style history,  I want to talk about cannabis as much as you juana read about it I’m sure. Let’s chat about one of if not the oldest smoke shop in the New Mexico area. Oh, the history and life changing events that took place here. Not just for me, but for tens of thousands, I’m sure. I’m talking about Bud Stones Smokey Shop, now known as Dubie’z. I remember moving in with my dad here. We won’t talk about him too much though, but I will say my 1st experience at this historic smoke shop was with my dad. He shopped here and I now shop there. Many generations have been to and or know about the 1st and longest running smoke shop around, but do they really know the history and have they heard clues about the future? It’s a new name in the same game with the epic fame. So let’s spark up a doobie and grind deep into this historic shop. 

Dubie’z Smokeshop

We’ve smoked doobies, but what is Dubie’z?

Who hasn’t, LOL! If they haven’t, they should come see me! Dubie’z is Albuquerque’s premier smoke shop. A rebranding of an iconic shop named Bud Stones. We sell everything from local glass art to wraps and everything in between. We’re an A-Z kinda shop, if you will.

Who are you and what’s your role?

They call me Flip Cyde and I’m a Shop Manager and one half of the “Dubie-Brothers” (social media coming soon) my role here at the shop is… well… everything! I’m responsible for the marketing, orders, inventory, and all the other fun bureaucratic crap, lol! I’m the one unsatisfied people call upon when dissatisfied!

So from what I understand and know, 1st hand Dubiez was formerly known as Bud Stones. One of the oldest smoke shops in Albuquerque NM. Can you share some of that history with us? The good, the bad, the fun?

You are correct. Bud Stones was one of the oldest smoke shops in the Albuquerque area and possibly in New Mexico. The history of Bud Stones is a bit complex and to be honest, I’ve heard many different versions of the stories. From what I can speak true on is what the man, the myth, the legend had told me personally during my introduction into this Industry working alongside each other for a couple years. He started selling some of the first pyrex pipes here at our local flea market. With $5 in his pocket and a dream, he sold enough to open his first brick and mortar shop off San Mateo Blvd., in the Laramie Square. He operated in that location for many years, thus making him a Duke City staple. The rest is history, so to speak. I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside and learn from one of the best. However, I’ve now found myself in his shoes and am tasked with taking Dubie’z Smoke Shop to levels hopefully never seen before. Unfortunately, Bud Stone is no longer with the company, hence the rebranding. I know his chapter is not over in this Industry and I wish him all the best. I’m not too sure about all the Bud stuff outside of the history, but readers will probably wanna know why it’s Dubie’z now so give us a follow on IG.

Dubie’z Smokeshop

What type of positive or negative impact do you think will come from switching names?

The negative points I believe will be with the way smoke shops pop up on every corner like Starbucks. I don’t want to fall into that abyss and become a run of the mill shop. Or cookie cutter shop. I don’t believe we would, because we have things other shops don’t have. Expert and first hand knowledge with an eye for the future, yet respect for the old school ways. Without that staple name above our door, we will face new challenges in reaching our customer base. With the Bud Stones name, like, come on, everyone in Burque bought their first pipe at Bud Stones! So, now we’re tasked with making those experiences for new customers and old alike. The name may have changed, but the stellar customer service and knowledgeable staff are the same and improving everyday! Positives, well now I have a new but old platform to play with. I want to bring a one of a kind experience to the customer and community. We wanna make you feel like you’ve been shopping with us for years. We want to SMASH through the stigmas surrounding this wonderful plant and spotlight the amazing functional art of artists the world needs to know. Even the leaps and bounds of technology that comes with the territory need to be on display for the world. We here at Dubie’z also want to become more community involved. With the pandemic in full swing, what we can do is limited. We love to get out into the community and help those less fortunate than ourselves.

After chatting some more and stopping by, it’s definitely a different look. What’s the new vibe and goal of Dubiez?

It’s all about the vibes, man. With great new looks comes great responsibility, or whatever uncle Ben told Peter Parker – hahah comic book nerd joke. We want you to be comfortable shopping with us. A laid back but professional atmosphere is the vibe we want to give off. Dubie is the namesake of one of our investors and she puts out a caring and loving vibe we wish to transfer to our community. The goal is simple, to bring to the public quality smoking accessories in a safe manner and educate the masses on this “culture” of ours. Making money and memories are a good thing too, lol!

Dubie’z Smokeshop

Being that you come from a long history in Albuquerque, what does the future look like for you in 2 years? In 5 years? In 20 years?

The future is never written in stone. With New Mexico on the cusp of cannabis legalization, we hope that when it becomes legal in our state, we get a fair shot of becoming an all in one stop. A dispensary and full-fledged head shop. Bringing top notch cannabis and what they need to consume it in multiple locations. Hopefully in 5 to 20 years, I could be found on a sunny beach with my family enjoying a well run empire 😉.

What type of products and or artists are featured in your shop?

Like I mentioned before, we’re an A-Z shop. We carry the latest and greatest technology from PuffCo, Ooze and other major brands one can expect to find in shops like ours. We haven’t forgotten our roots either with products like Proto Pipes and Hand Scales. Multiple brands of wraps, rolling papers etc… We carry many different local artists such as Denial Glass, Nomad Glass, Famous Amos, Chris Hamill, and many more. We love to support local.

Will Dubie’z be something or someone we could catch at Champs 2021?

HELL YEAH!!!! We love to get out and stretch our legs through the miles of product lining the pathways! I went to my first Vegas Champs Trade Show this year and I already wanna go back. The people we met along with the experiences we had, it’s truly a one of a kind event. I’m always on the lookout for the next great product since sliced bread.

What would you like to add? Also what’s your message to others grinding and doing it?

To really understand what we’re all about, you have to come in and experience it. To get a first hand account of Dubie’z in action. I could sit here and explain it all day, but our proof is in the pudding. To those on the grind and making moves. These are rough times for everyone across the board. If you’re one of the fortunate ones to still be standing in this pandemic, you’re doing beautifully. For those who lost their business, dust yourself off and keep pushing. No one can shit on your dreams other than you. This Industry is very competitive, but there’s no rule saying we can’t join forces and help one another out and lift each other up. We all got into it for the love of the same plant.

Well, I normally have quite a bit to say after chatting it up with others, but not this one. This one pretty much covered it all and what it didn’t cover, well you heard Flip, give them a follow. So let’s keep writing history with every historic move and choice we make.

This interview was done during Covid-19, but before our governor shut the state down for the second time. I will not get into politics. I will not state my opinion on shutting down, but I will say it changes a lot. One thing it will not change is the long time service and products Dubie’z has offered their customers. They are still doing online shopping and services. So stay safe and don’t worry! | @dubiez_smoke_shop



Shane Stanford is a dank dad living in New Mexico. Read more of his articles and follow him on Instagram @NMBeardedMan

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