Infused Absinthe | Cannabis Cocktail

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I want to talk to you about Absinthe. No, not that stuff that’s got oodles of sugar and food coloring added. That is the stuff that gets you really messed up because of all the additional ingredients which are really going to hurt you in the morning. I don’t drink that stuff and nor should you. When was the last time that you saw an ingredient label on a bottle of absinthe, or any spirit at all? You haven’t and isn’t that strange? Where am I going with this? Well, if I was still drinking hard liquor, which I haven’t touched since 2018, I’d be pretty sure that what was making my absinthe blue or green was not a naturally occurring end result.

But I digress. This article is meant to encourage you to make a cocktail for yourself with cannabis and a spirit like absinthe. Before your mind turns off, thinking that absinthe is going to make you hallucinate, let’s look at the spirit and the history that surrounds this much maligned spirit. Around the same time as the French wine industry was struggling to provide a beverage for the people, the much more potent absinthe hit the scene. With a base of beet sugar, boosting the alcohol level above 80% (160 proof), this inexpensive product cut into the sales of wine with only 5 or 6 % alcohol by volume or 10% alcohol… And the French wine producers got really worried. What was this upstart beverage that costs almost nothing t