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How to celebrate 4/20

If you’re anything like me, well let’s be real, every day can feel like 4/20. Some of my greatest memories over the years are from April 20th. I like to think of it like a New Years celebration for cannabis lovers. A time to gather with friends and come together to celebrate a shared love. Below are 3 ways to celebrate 4/20 to make it both a unique and memorable day.

Gathering big or small

Coming together with friends and even strangers on 4/20 is a classic way to celebrate. You can enjoy the day in a super chill way by doing literally nothing with your closest friends. Some groups like to start the day together and venture out to a 4/20 event that usually includes *shocker* lots of smoking. I even joined a video call during the pandemic to keep with tradition of smoking with my friends on this day even when we couldn’t be together. Sometimes being with fellow members of the cannabis community on a day that is so special to this group is enough to make it a memorable day.


  1. Backyard BBQ

  2. Concert

  3. Chill hike

  4. Digital hang out with friends

New Year reflection time

The mark of a new year doesn’t have to be represented by January 1. For me I like to use 4/20 as a time to reflect and think about the past year. Perhaps it’s because I like to eat a ton of edibles on 4/20 but I find every year all memories of past 420’s come back to me. I like to remember all the different ways I celebrated over the years. I like to think about what is next and what is to come. 4/20 marks a new year each time it passes so why not take some time to reflect.


  1. Write down some past 4/20 memories

  2. Think about what you want from the next year

  3. Send a text to a 4/20 buddy from the past to check in

  4. Smoke more or less than you did on 4/20 the previous year

Make it a whole thing

Don’t be afraid to book that cannabis vacation you have been joking about your whole life. Depending on where you live you don’t have to get on a plane to go to Amsterdam or Colorado to have a vacation centered around your love for weed. Jump in the car (if you don’t want to fly anywhere) and take a drive to your closest legal state. Spend 4/20 there and enjoy a vacation centered around your love for the plant. You can bring friends along, take time to reflect and make a whole thing of it. If you can’t go big this year, save up for next year and really take that trip if it’s something you’ve always wanted to do.


  1. Cannabis vacation

  2. Roadtrip to a legal state

  3. Bring friends or fly solo

  4. If the 4/20 parties seem way better somewhere else and you can go, go

This year I challenge you to make this 4/20 memorable. Use this day as more than a time to smoke up and forget but a time to remember. Find fun with friends or by yourself. There’s no right or wrong way to celebrate 4/20. If you prefer to keep things low key and make it like every other day that’s OK too. 4/20 is a time to laugh and remember how far we have come in the battle to legalize and normalize cannabis festivities. Have an amazing April 20th everyone! Peace and as always, one love!


Kelly Anne Walborn Ferraro is a long time lover of cannabis in all forms. She got married to her amazing partner, Anthony Ferraro on October 2, 2021! Kelly spends a majority of her time helping companies hire dedicated tech teams. Kelly shares about her personal journey with cannabis and some of the experiences she has had in the past. Check out some of their short form videos about how Anthony tackles the world as a blind man. The Ferraro’s end all their creative pieces with the message of “One Love”.


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