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House Exotics | Florida Pie Vape Pen


House Exotics | Florida Pie Vape Pen

These are some exotic genetics available to enjoy on the go. Florida Pie is a strain made famous by Jungle Boys Genetics who are some of the best cultivators in the world. The lineage of this strain is Pie Hoe crossed with TK Bx1. TK Bx1 is a Triangle Kush and Larry OG cross whose exact genetics are unknown and can never be found in seed form. TK Bx1 is a clone only strain and is cross bred with many other strains to produce a lot of Jungle Boy's unique strains. This particular pod is made with High Terpene Extract which means all cannabinoids are derived from the strain specifically: no distillate and no added terps. The flavor was sweet with an earthy kush undertone. One of the best ways to medicate on the go.


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