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Hoodrattshit | Interview

Frosty’s Freshtival is traveling to cities around the nation this year. Huge glassblowers in the game are coming together to show their craft. Frosty’s Fresh continues to help give back to the community by uniting fans of glass and glass blowers alike. The line-up includes artists Hoodrattshit, Rob Morrison, Rosburg Glass, and of course the dude himself, Frosty’s Fresh. Each individual glassblower brings their own flavor and unique designs to the table. One thing all of these gentlemen have in common is their intense passion for the craft of creating glass works of art. I was stoked to get the opportunity to speak with each glassblower on behalf of The Cannabis Cactus Magazine. Here’s what Hoodrattshit had to say…


I love your character pieces. You mention being into graffiti work. What inspires your characters to become finished works of art?

My inspiration comes from toy collectors, graffiti characters, and cartoons. I like to try and mash those all together. I kind of just freestyle it- I have a general idea and I go for it.


What are some aspects of collaborating with other artists you enjoy most?

I like collaborations with other artists because it’s fun meshing styles and connecting with new artists, as well as collectors. It’s cool to see how other artists take on their projects and their ways of execution.


Let’s talk some about how you imagine the work you create. Where do you find inspiration to create on a daily basis?

I watch a lot of action movies and a lot of cartoons and look at all kinds of toy sculptors. I’m always trying to think of a cool pose or scene for my art to be doing. It also helps working in a shop “The Glass Ranch” with a handful of amazing artists that definitely helps keep my creative juices flowing.


What a great dude! It’s truly amazing to get to know what goes on inside each creator’s world, and how they are able to make the pieces they do. It’s fascinating to hear from the artist what inspires them to make art, driving their passion for the craft to become something considered priceless by many. This event creates opportunities such as the community coming together, and providing a fun time for all while providing a glimpse into the actual glassblowing. If you’re unable to make it to the event there’s the opportunity of checking each glassblower out on social media, such as instagram. Each glassblower has their own page loaded with content of their work. Thank you and much love to Frosty, HoodRattShit, Rob Morrison, and Rosburg Glass for making this event possible.



Dietrich Dash is a local to Arizona, born in September of nineteen eighty-eight, in the town of Scottsdale. He enjoys listening to the Rolling Stones, Queens of the Stone Age, Kendrick Lamar, and Eminem. In his free time, you can see him at local bookstores, hiking or hanging out in public areas with his chihuahua mix and pugs. He also frequents dispensaries across the valley in search of what the valley has to offer medicinally.



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