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Hidden Hills Club | Pink Green Crack THCA Vape

Hidden Hills Club

Hidden Hills Club | Pink Green Crack

Welcome to Hidden Hills Club. This Pink Green Crack flavored THCA Fresh Frozen vape, a sativa blend from the renowned Hidden Hills Club, offers a unique experience with its THCA ultra + Delta 9 + THC-8 formulation. Labeled as a heady blend, this 2g vape features hemp derived extractions and terpenes, providing a taste and sensation closely resembling the finest cannabis vapes. The disclaimer, emphasizing the intended age of 21 and over, aligns with responsible usage. This flavor and effects are both satisfying, very similar and equally enjoyable compared to THC vapes. This Pink Green Crack blend is noticeably heady, great for inspiring creativity throughout the day. Hidden Hills Club products are made from 100% Federal Farm Bill compliant hemp and are available for order in the United States. Shop the Hidden Hills collections now at

2g Disposable Hemp Vape + Terpenes


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