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Hendy | Interview

Arizona is filled with talented glassblowers who produce artwork that is purchased by fans around the nation. One of the hardest working and most widely recognized Arizona based artists is Hendy. He is known for his incredibly clean sculpting and signature style.

How It All Began

When Hendy was 18 or 19 years old, he left home to fend for himself and chart his own path in life. He had been in college for about a year when he realized something wasn’t clicking. After a few months of trying to come up with a new plan, Hendy found himself making money doing production glassblowing for a local company. A few years went by and Hendy was becoming extremely skilled at glassblowing. He began to experiment with glass, making more artistic works instead of the same pipe or bong over and over. His early heady projects included aliens, monsters, and famous characters. Very quickly, Hendy’s creative functionals began to catch the eye of headshops and collectors. He started to grow his following nationally and before he knew it, his work was in galleries from California to the East Coast. Now, he gets flown out to galleries across the country to put on demos and share his art with fans.

Glass by Hendy

Style and Inspiration

Glass by Hendy

Artwork by Hendy is intensely detailed and instantly recognizable. His style has evolved and become extremely versatile with frequent use of large figures like dragons, warriors, and his signature Jamurais. Hendy’s work constantly pushes the limits of borosilicate art and people have recognized. Numerous collectors around the country have accumulated several Hendy artworks, showing their true admiration for a real master of glass. Hendy has created several different running series that have steadily grown in popularity. Some of the different designs that Hendy makes frequently include his new Alien Abductor series, his Geishas, and his large-scale shrines which he frequently brings in collaborators for. Many of Hendy’s series have been around since the infancy of his career yet continue to be refined as he digs deeper into his passion. A lot of his style comes from classic tattoos like that of Sailor Jerry. The slightly cartoonish yet aggressive look of Hendy artworks would surely look incredible recreated in ink. The Cycle Sam project that Hendy completed last summer is a perfect example of how influences like The Grateful Dead make it into his art.

Where is Hendy?

No matter where you are in the nation, it should not be too difficult to find a gallery that carries some Hendy artwork for you to look at and enjoy. Over the past two years, he has been doing demos all over the country, including his home state of AZ, leaving behind some incredible pieces that will often leave you dumbfounded. Back in December, we had a story on Hendy’s Heady Holiday, which was an all local gallery showing of work at Bud’s Glass Joint in Downtown Phoenix. Recent shows also include a demo in Illinois at Kind Mindz as well as at Lili’s Massachusetts. For those trying to look at some Hendy artwork around Arizona, plenty of local shops carry some of his most impressive works. Take a stop by It’s All Goodz, Best Buds, or a number of other local headshops to feast your eyes on one of Hendy’s magnificent projects. Also make sure to check him out on Instagram @hendyglass to keep up with his current endeavors.  Also, check Hendy’s website at

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