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Hemp Wick by Quik Wikk

Hemp Wick | $2.00 Quick Wikk |

4 feet of 100% organic hemp wick coated in 100% organic beeswax and neatly wrapped around a patent protected spool. This wick lets the user avoid inhaling any level of butane or noxious gases, which can sometimes ruin the taste of your flower. It’s also good to help conserve lighter fluid and help you save money by buying less lighters. Just light the wick and use that to flame up your joints, blunts, or bongs/bowls. Some people wrap the hemp around a bowl or lighter, it’s easy to light the wick and then continue to unwind it as more is required. With this spool containing 4 feet it gives you plenty to use as is or wrap around your pipes and lighters. Reviewed by Arturo Delgado.

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