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HelpMePTSD: A Sustainable Approach to Healing

Back in 2017, we interviewed Chris Lengyel at a veterans for cannabis rally in Phoenix. He shared his personal story with us, why he was a cannabis activist, and how the VA was failing veterans. In honor of Veterans Day, I decided to reconnect with Chris to discuss his recent projects combating mental health.

Chris aims to change the way we view PTSD treatment, making it accessible and sustainable, challenging the standard treatments that have become all but a fantasy for the majority of patients. His website connects patients with the resources needed for recovery, filling the gaps present in current available services. He also has a free seminar on Thursdays from 7-8pm.

While I fully support cannabis as a treatment for PTSD, I urge individuals to keep moderation, control and a time measured account of how they are medicating. Chris Lengyel

His most ambitious project, the Healing Center, is still in development, a sustainable living environment that would provide a framework for recovery at no cost to the patient. Read on to see how he plans to do it and check out his links to support his effort or find support in your own recovery.

Tell us about the Healing Center Project. Why do we need another facility, instead of existing ones?

There are a variety of reasons that we as humanity deserve “another facility”. It is not just about adding another place, it’s more about finding the correlation between necessary healing time and the margin of necessary revenue to help rehabilitate traumatized individuals. Our program will be complimentary to those who are willing to sign our “work to heal” application. Successful matches will result in a treatment plan that can last up to 12 whole months with the first 3 months focused on the individual person and processing the events that have caused so much pain. The following 9 months will be aimed at cultivating a sense of purpose through a variety of work oriented tasks on the sustainable farm. From cultivating food, to tending the animals that provide protein sustenance, clients will find a place to help out and in return, all of our counseling and services on the property are complimentary. With partnerships from Healing America’s Heroes for Equine Therapy, and located just a mile from White Mountain Lake in Showlow Arizona, our 10 acre property will have the various treatment modalities for clients to choose from. Ending the cookie cutter solution of AA, 30, 60 and 90 day programs is essential to reverse the 80% turnover rate and failure of current in-patient treatment models for substance abuse and PTSD related symptoms.

With a project budget totaling $750,00 on the high end and $450,000 on the low end to complete, we hope to have our first round of clients staying on site by 2025. This can be expedited by either donations or someone purchasing the needed equipment/parts. At this time, we have multiple contractors who have donated the working hands. We only need the pieces to complete the puzzle.

How can people support the Healing Center Project?

People can support the project by visiting this link: They can submit a form, and we will lead them to the best place to donate or to help in other ways. Currently all of our healing center donations are being given to

What services are available now?

Currently we have Coaches, Hypnotherapists. and one licensed adolescent trauma counselor that are ready to be scheduled at (once they make a free account!)

Someone who needs help, where should they begin?

The first place someone should always ask for help in seeking mental wellness is their primary care provider. With our organization, they can find continual support and educational videos by going to the Help Me PTSD YouTube Channel or Facebook Page.

We are always ready to talk to someone on our FB chat which is embedded in the website, however we stress that we are not an emergency service. We are the glue that helps people stay afloat while the main offices of providers are closed overnight. Go watch videos with key speakers and professionals, reach out via messenger or by emailing we respond within 24 hours or sooner sometimes within the hour on FB messenger. We can guide them to the best resource in their area.

Our Complimentary Support Group Sign Up:

Who is currently supporting your efforts here in AZ?

We sell Hempful Farms products on our site because we believe in CBD, all of those purchase are donated directly to their Non-Profit. As a profitable company, we are positioning ourselves to help other non-profits by being the profitable partnership.

Currently we are on a mission to have 22 service providers in every state sign up for memberships. This is ultimately how Help Me PTSD will engage in a free market healthcare system, but also ensure that there is someone ready to be scheduled at any time just at the click of a button. No more wait lines or insurance approval. Just simply make a free account and schedule a provider when their next appointment is open within the system. By becoming a provider on Help Me PTSD, Counselors, and other experts can list themselves on the site with access to video interviews throughout the year, and constant marketing from our platform. We have also partnered with Zoom to fully integrate private digital working spaces for our “Premium Members.” Membership Information can be found here.

The other companies who have helped us by spreading the word and being a constant support are listed at the bottom of the website for our sponsor placements.

How does God factor into your services and Healing Center Project?

We believe in a body, mind a soul healing process. While not everyone is keen on religion, we believe that some form of spiritual belief system is necessary to experience full healing . While our center is based on Messianic Judaism, clients are not expected to partake in the services that are located just down the road. The Church is sponsoring this project and will offer religious and biblical based counseling for clients who are open to receiving that type of service. For those interested in the healing center and do not resonate with that church, they are welcome to stay on the property, but must follow the community rules and standards that have been set. The lady who owns the property, has said, “This is God’s property, therefore we cannot deny people who are led to heal in this place.” We truly believe that the people who need to be there, will be there, and for those who may find this option less than what they desire, there are many other centers that may fit their healing path.

We know how our program works, because we have each gone through this healing process. We want to show people that it is ok and necessary to turn to God for experiencing complete restoration.

Cannabis and PTSD, your thoughts. CBD, THC, both, etc.

While cannabis is beneficial for certain symptoms of PTSD, there are a variety of cautions we provide in education to our clients and community of support. THC specifically in studies has shown to increase anxiety, panic, and paranoia. For individuals with PTSD, these symptoms can already exist and can then be increased by using cannabis. While each person’s biological chemistry is very different in how we respond to any substance, Cannabis can cause some uncomfortable events for a trauma survivor. For me specifically, I use a very low intake of 5-10 mg every 3-5 hours to manage chronic pain, inflammation and digestion issues. For me this is a mix between High levels of CBD and low levels of THC.

For example, If I were to take one of these “HUGE DABS” I would become very uncomfortable, socially awkward, and potentially go down a very bad mental path. For trauma survivors, one bad thought or memory, can trigger a sequence of the same things. Cannabis, being a psychoactive substance, can make these situations even more uncomfortable.

While I fully support cannabis as a treatment for PTSD I urge individuals to keep moderation, control and a time measured account of how they are medicating. Just as if someone using pain medication knows to only take one pill every 4 hours, patients using cannabis should regulate how they are medicating. This is quite the opposite for recreational usage where people may just be trying to experience a unique feeling or mental escape. While this is far safer than recreational alcohol use or any other substance for that matter, medical usage of cannabis has always been a treatment option for my symptoms, not just something fun to do. For myself and others with PTSD it may be better to know how this substance interacts with our symptoms and can be moderated in a way where we experience relief versus a worse symptomatic episode.

What other interests do you have in life?

I am a creative at heart! I love music and play a variety of instruments. The biggest interest of all are my kids and amazing wife! They keep me busy and motivated to keep up the good fights. Beyond family and music, I am politically active, I worked on Dave Giles campaign for District 9 Representative this year, and am hopeful to some day run for a political position to help the future generations learn from current and previous mistakes.

Anything else you would like to say to our readers?

Find something you love to do and do it! No matter how big or small your impact is, everyone has an affect on the reality we experience. I encourage everyone to be the positive drive force in what they love doing for this amazing world we live in. You never know just how much someone else needed your motivation to do what they love doing.

Joseph Cassini is a writer and designer for The Cannabis Cactus Magazine. He enjoys cooking, history, and smoking cannabis outside of the city.



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