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Gorilla Punch Sugar by Haze Cannabis Co.

Gorilla Punch | Sugar Haze Cannabis Co. | Where: Oasis Cannabis

This strain, Gorilla Punch, means business. With gorilla glue #4 being at the forefront, you should already know what you’re about to get yourself into with this sugar wax. One of my favorite strains for the euphoria and couch lock effects. Now, at first I thought the other half of this hybrid was purple punch, but the internet says maybe it’s clementine or platinum punch and kush mints. No matter the combo, this terpy sugar wax will have you glued to the couch watching documentaries about all our National Parks (go watch them and learn something). When you open the jar the terps will punch you in the nose with its fruity and floral profile. If you need some help getting to sleep because of pain, then you’ll want to give this Gorilla Punch a try. You can get this wax at any Oasis dispensary in the valley, but call them or check leafly to find out which strains are in stock! By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.

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