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Good Things Coming | Ice Cream Cake x OZ Kush


Good Things Coming | Ice Cream Cake x OZ Kush

Good Things Coming has a $35 eighth tier that stands with the best in its class. Sol Flower locations keep fresh flavors rotating regularly, and always have something for everyone in this price category. I started with the Ice Cream Cake x OZ Kush flower, which has a sweet taste and sugary smell. At just over 20% THC, this OZ Kush cross hits with plenty of potency from a nicely balanced terpene profile. The effects were slow onset, but then uplifting salutations and soothing vibes surrounded me. A great purchase at this price. The original OZ Kush strain is a beautiful fruity Kush originally created by famed breeders 3rd Gen Family Farms and Terphogz by crossing parents OG Eddy Lepp x Skittlez. This hybrid brings many Kush characteristics into one beautiful fruity Kush strain.


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