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Going To Belair


What a day and time we are living in. So much going on not just here in the USA but all over the world. It is tragic and disheartening for so many, but with all of this going on we have to look for the better, the healthier, the change, the innovators, and the game changers.

On my recent travel I had the experience of passing the pipe during these times without the risk of passing covid-19. You may trip and say wow sharing and passing the pipe, that’s not smart or safe. Well I would have agreed moments before this great experience. My buddies Boss Bro Diamonds hollered “Yo Homes it’s a Belair.” This device was amazing and made sharing so much safer. It’s a sweet pipe with…. Wait, why should I try to explain? I’ll let the pros provide amazing knowledge. I spoke with Rich The Man at Belair. So here it is some fun, some knowledge, and a good time.

What is Belair?

Belair is a family run company that believes that high quality, affordability and design is key in an ever growing industry.

The Belair smoke pipe line are high quality brass pipes that can be engraved that come in a variety of unique colors that work with air flow. The actual pipe is fabricated in Germany. The prototypes were made in the USA. The thread and washer design allows for no air or smoke loss or waste. The air flow is controlled by the user and smoke output is regulated by the user with one finger. So in theory the only smoke that comes out is when the user wants it to and the only time any product is burned is when the user wants it to. Lift your finger the product stays lit but does not burn, put your finger back on and the air from the pump blows on the product and pushes the smoke out. No loss of smoke or product when done correctly. A gram can burn for about a minute constantly or a few minutes if controlled. It takes one or 2 times to learn how to use it and after mastered which isn’t difficult, you can then start using the mask which is way above anything you can get from any product out there. Beside all of that the Belair can interchange into a variety of pipes, from one of the worlds smallest pipe to a chamber pipe and so many more variations all from the 1 pipe. The whole thing is lightweight and portable and comes with a waist carry bag. The actual pipe is close to indestructible. The pump will work for about 15 to 20 hours with two AA batteries which are included. Perfect on the go and you can fill the chamber with tobacco, use the pump for example 10 seconds, shut the pump off and relight it whenever you want and do the same thing again later on. No waste. Also the best for social distancing and a really cool packaged box with a pipe and all accessories. I’m not trying to sell it to you to promote my stuff, it’s just a cool little shit to have!!!!

When did Belair start?

The idea/prototype, believe it or not, is from 45 years ago as I was around 15 and had my 1st job in a record/head shop (Woodhaven Records) (record shop with the little headshop in the back, remember those??) and then it got lost in time and I had a regular life and a family and about 2 years ago I would say I built it again, designed, perfected and patent pending in 2018 and 2019. Website went live in September of 2019. A lot of work and time I didn’t have but I loved that pipe and missed it!! My friend Russal used it about 40 years ago and haven’t seen him since. But Russ was cool shit. Great guy.

Where is Belair based out of?

Queens, New York

Who had this incredible idea?

I did 45 years ago and thank you so much for saying it was an incredible idea. Very nice of you Shane.

Was this the original intended use?

Yes. The way I envisioned it and put the prototype together worked on the 1st try.

Where is Belair headed in the future?

New pipe colors. Also the same air concept with a glass line which I already have the pending patent. Our brand of glass/brass cleaner which is in the works. A build it yourself line. Like Lego with pipe parts. Shirts, etc. and a Belair Candle line which we already have the prototype and the 7 scents we had made which are all made from beeswax that absorbs smoke odors.

Has Covid-19 affected your company and product?

We were not affected. As a new and different product we found that a lot of people were interested in Belair. We did notice less hits on our site when Covid first got here but that was the whole industry as the population was nervous and they were focused on the virus and its effects on everything.

Please add anything you’d like to also share and let the readers know.

The Belair Pump Kit is one of the most durable, affordable, high quality and unique products in the industry. I always felt it’s a must have in one’s collection. I compare its effects to some of the highest price products out there. And the Belair is so affordable, a must have beautiful looking masterpiece. I overlooked nothing when I designed it. From fingertips if you feel your finger gets warm to a handle and so on. Nice gift too and we engrave.

Contact info for readers and those wanting to order? or Toll Free: 1-929-888-4AIR (1-929-888-4247)

Wow that’s way cool, 45 years ago. I dig it. Being in LA for a long time I definitely remember those sweet shops. Music and fun all in one. Well super glad you lived loved and brought it back.

I would have to agree that the Belair is amazing and I would definitely agree it would make a sweet gift for anyone smoker you know or share with too. So with all this said stay happy stay healthy I’m off to Belair.

Shane Stanford is a dank dad living in New Mexico. Read more of his articles and follow him on Instagram @NMBeardedMan



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