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Go Skate Day!

As we all know, skateboarding is huge, and we also know that cannabis is huge. What you may not know is that “Go Skateboarding day” was June 21st. Being a fan of skateboarding and weed like almost all of us, I had to go down to check it out. This event was put on by Arizona’s own Cowtown skateboards. They have been one of the go-to skate shops here in the valley for 25 years! They also partnered up with companies such as 22Red cannabis, Emerica and Liquid Death, just to name a few. 22Red is a cannabis brand that has been hitting the scene hard, and the owner Shavo odadjian cares about quality and community. He also is in the band System of a Down, so you know it’s a company that’s run right. 22Red loves Arizona, and yesterday was proof! They were on site doing giveaways for everything from gift cards to skate decks; you name it they were handing it out! They had a best trick contest going down, and the winner got a skate deck. The warehouse was huge and it was packed to the walls; so many people showed up to skate. The vibes were on point, and once the skating wrapped up, we all headed over to the after party which was at the Churchill. I definitely urge everyone to try some of 22red's fine products, and try to keep your eyes open for them throwing awesome events around the valley.

Shoutout to Cowtown Skateboards, 22Red, Emerica, Liquid death, The Churchill, and all the other sponsors that came together to make this day go off!



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