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GMO Infused Chocolate Cake by The Inventing Room

GMO | Chocolate Cake The Inventing Room | Where: Valley Wide

So I’m a sucker for chocolate cake and I’m also a sucker for solventless terps, so when I saw a chocolate cake made with solventless terps I just had to have it. This chocolate cake being strain specific was made from GMO Live Hash Rosin and at 270mg was definitely a smacker. After eating half of it, my back pain vanished and felt a very unique cerebral and body buzz that combined very well. Eating the other half kicked my buzz into high gear, I was feeling great, relaxed and still pain free. Solventless edibles can be fun but be careful, they definitely are more potent than your usual medicated options. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.




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