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GMO Cookies Live Shatter by WTF Extracts | The Mint

GMO Cookies Live Shatter | $33/g MSRP WTF | Mint Dispensary

First off, keep in mind the considerable difference from flower to concentrate. Now consider that WTF brings the heat with every product they drop. This is some straight gasoline my friends. GMO Cookies is one of my favorites for a couple reasons. First, cookies fam. Second, this is one of the classic cookies products of all the amazing cookie line-up. Save this one for the end of the day or during that period after you’ve finished dinner. Pick up at The Mint Dispensary. WTF for the win! Reviewed by Dietrich Dash. echo adrotate_ad(45);

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Dietrich Dash is a local to Arizona, born in September of nineteen eighty-eight, in the town of Scottsdale. He enjoys listening to the Rolling Stones, Queens of the Stone Age, Kendrick Lamar, and Eminem. In his free time, you can see him at local bookstores, hiking or hanging out in public areas with his chihuahua mix and pugs. He also frequents dispensaries across the valley in search of what the valley has to offer medicinally.


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