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Fortunate Youth | Interview

Fortunate Youth Holidays

Photo Composition by @_kingjayy

Welcome Irie nation to a holiday interview featuring the kind souls of Fortunate Youth. For those not yet familiar, Fortunate Youth plays original rock/reggae music that is popular with reggae fans everywhere. The group is made up of Dan Kelly (lead singer) Greg Gelb (guitar), Jared Draskovich (keys, bass), Travis “Travi Bongo” Walpole (percussion) and Corey Draskovich (bass, guitar, keys). They recently played an epic show at Marquee Theater. The theater was filled to max capacity with fans singing in joyful unison. Fortunate Youth tunes have been reverberating around the globe for over ten years and fans can expect much more in the next decade. Enjoy this casual conversation and give them a listen right away. You can follow the band on Instagram @fortunateyouth310 for new music and tour updates.

Fortunate Youth Live

Can I ask you guys some festive Christmas questions?

Greg: Let’s do it. Jared: I’d like to start off by saying I don’t believe in Santa. Travi: Dammit Jared, you’re crushing dreams. Don’t let the kids read that one.

What are your Holiday traditions as a band? 

Corey: We don’t play any shows around the holidays. Sometimes we do a group photo shoot. We usually do special merch and come up with a design for fans that we hope they’ll like for the holidays. Jared: And ugly sweaters! Lots of ugly sweaters.

Fortunate Youth Live

How long do you usually take off for the Holidays?

Jared: Between one and two months. It’s usually December to late January.

How many shows did you play this year?

Greg: One hundred plus.

Fortunate Youth Live

What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

Travi: (emphatically) White Christmas! Corey: I’ve always been a Home Alone fan.

What is the official winter beverage of Fortunate Youth?

Greg: Jameson & Jameson. Jared: I like water. Dan: Navy Grogs! Corey: Navy Grogs for sure. Travi: A Navy Grog is a bit different. Dan and Corey are talking about going down to Old Tony’s on the Redondo Beach Pier and ordering a Fire Chief. A Fire Chief is pretty much a Mai Thai with grenadine a 151 floater on top. When you finish it, you can take the cup home and honestly, if you have multiple ones, then you can leave with a like a twelve pack of cups. But if you did that you would be going straight to the hospital. 

Fortunate Youth Live

Sounds like it packs a punch as strong as the storm that knocked down the Redondo Beach Pier on Memorial Day Weekend in 1988!

Corey: So good though. Jared: Our manager used to always have a Santa Pub Crawl. We were tired last year when we got home and avoided it but we used to do that pretty consistently. Travi makes a good Santa. Corey: He makes a better drunk Santa. Jared: But we ride bikes. Don’t drink and drive.

That’s Right, don’t drink and drive. Smoke and fly! What is your favorite winter city to tour in?

Corey: Anywhere warm. We will be in Cancun, Mexico for Christmas this year with shorts on. That’ll be fun. Travi: Honolulu or Maui, Hawaii.

What would you like to say to fans as we end this decade and step into 2020 together?

Greg: Stay awesome, you guys are the best. We love you all.  Dan: Thanks for the support!  Jared: Stay feeling it! Sta–aay feel-in it!!! Corey: Say something Rev. Rev: You guys took the words right out of my mouth. Literally. All of them.

You guys work hard as a unit and the fans really appreciate the dedication you bring to every city. Thank you for making special memories in our community and leaving a trail of positive energies.

Greg: That’s something we can say to everyone out there. This is all about family so come on out. Friends and family is what this is all about. Dan: We are all Fortunate Youth. Remember that each day.

Enjoy your time off. We look forward to some new tunes next year! Jah wood!

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