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Dosi Loops Live Resin by Glorious Extracts

Dosi Loops | Live Resin Glorious Extracts | Valleywide

I must say, this Dosi Loops lived up to the brand name because every dab I took was most definitely glorious. With BHO seeming to be a dying art form I must say I have never once been disappointed by anything from the team over at Glorious. These guys truly care about the quality of the product they produce. This Dosi Loops was very sweet and although I’m not exactly sure of the lineage it was definitely more Loopy than Dosi. Dosido always carries a more earthy creamy pastry like scent and flavor but this was pure candy. The effects were strong but more uplifting than sedative. A perfect strain for midday motivation. By Arturo Delgado@tookkie_terpenestein.

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