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Dosi Dos Live Hash Rosin Jam by C-REX

Dosi Dos | Live Hash Rosin Jam C-REX | Where: Green Med Wellness Center 

I must say that I was impressed with this solventless jam from a company down in Tucson that is available from our friends over at Green Med. I love rosin jams because they seem to be some of the most flavorful as well as holding stability through fluctuating temperatures (and we all know how extreme temps are in AZ). This is extremely important to me because stability helps hold original terpene content and terpenes hold the flavor as well as the effects we all seek. This Dosi was more gassy than expected but very pleasant and the effects were strong but well balanced, euphoric for the mind and slightly relaxing for the body. A good strain to get you over that midday hump. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.



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