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Daze Off, Makers of Unique Blended Pre-Rolls, Meets Market Demand for High Potency Products With Launch of Infused “Pot Rockets" in Arizona Dispensaries

Pot Rockets

The new pre-rolls are now available at Marigold dispensaries, marking the company’s first venture into infused products for the Arizona market. 

Producers of high-quality, unique, and affordable blended pre-rolls, Daze Off, today announced the launch of potent infused pre-rolls, “Pot Rockets,” now available at Marigold dispensary and coming soon to all retailers that carry Daze Off products. The new launch marks the company’s first infused product release in the Grand Canyon State. 

Infused pre-rolls became the largest segment of the cannabis market in 2023, bringing in close to $60 million in monthly sales. As infused pre-rolls and potent products continue to dominate the cannabis market, Daze Off is poised to meet consumer demand with its new kief-covered product. 

Pot Rockets

Available in three unique strain blends and rolled in kief, the half-gram, hash oil-infused pre-rolls are available in packs of three. 

“We are thrilled to share Pot Rockets with our Arizona customers. These pre-rolls are tasty, convenient, and pack a powerful punch. We can’t wait to hear what consumers think,” said Ryan Thomas, marketing director at Aeriz. 

Owned by award-winning aeroponic cultivator, Aeriz, Daze Off produces several other products with special strain blends. These include two pre-roll sizes–Daily Smokes and Smalls–and a selection of vape cartridges and edibles. 

Available now at Marigold Dispensaries and coming soon to all retailers that carry Daze Off, Pot Rockets are also available in the Illinois cannabis market and have received positive feedback from consumers who prefer infused products at affordable prices. 

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Daze Off is owned by Aeriz, an award-winning cultivator known for its sustainable aeroponic cultivation. The company is popular with consumers who want affordable, high-quality products to suit any need. Daze Off products are available in Illinois and Arizona. 


About Daze Off:

Owned by award-winning aeroponic cannabis operator, Aeriz, Daze Off is a vibrant cannabis brand dedicated to providing quality products at affordable prices. With an expansive portfolio of products made from unique blends of cannabis strains, Daze Off puts the cannabis consumption experience at the forefront with a product for every need and activity. Daze Off has an affordable line of pre-rolls, infused “Pot Rockets,” vapes, “Taste Bud” edibles, and “Smalls” for better nights, weekends, and Daze Off. The company currently operates in Illinois and Arizona, with future expansion plans.


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