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Date Ideas for Cannabis Lovers

You don’t have to be a fan of Valentine’s Day to need a reason to celebrate love in February. Maybe you don’t have a significant other and you want to go out with your friends or chill inside with your pet. Perhaps you’re looking forward to going out with your partner and celebrating in a traditional way. Whatever the case may be, it’s time to celebrate love and the things we love this month. Speaking of the things we love, let’s incorporate cannabis in our activities. Below are 3 date ideas for lovers, lovers of cannabis, or both.

  1. Classic Hike & Scenic Toke

Depending on where you live in the country this may not be an option for you. However if you are in a place that is warm enough to go on an outside adventure in February, time to take advantage. Stop by your favorite dispensary and pick up a few products you need a special occasion to splurge on. Select a hike that is super easy and ends in an awesome view. This could be an urban hike through a city, a nature walk with minimal incline or a walk out to a pier to enjoy the sounds of water. Plan a simple adventure that can be paired legally and well with your lover cannabis and see where the day takes you.

  1. Order in & Chill

A classic cannabis lovers “go to” and a personal favorite of mine. Order in everything from cannabis (depending on your state laws) to dinner and dessert. Rent a show or movie you wouldn’t normally spend the extra cash on and spend the night relaxing. This is by far the simplest way to unwind and mark the occasion without fighting the crowds during this Hallmark Holiday. If you’re always finding yourself going out, mix it up this year and find a fun and exciting way to stay in.

  1. Wake & Bake Brunch

Rather than fight the dinner crowds the day of, plan for a brunch that upcoming weekend. Wake up and have a smoke session with the person of your choosing. Pick your favorite spot to eat brunch if you don’t already have a place reserved. Enjoy a fun and giggly morning eating some amazing food and hopefully skipping all the dinner lines. Make sure to plan your transportation accordingly so you can get nice and responsibly baked before your brunch.

So now that Valentine’s Day can also be a reason to celebrate your love for weed, don’t hesitate to pick all 3 options this year. Remember you do not need to be in a long term relationship to enjoy this day with a friend or a pet. Silly holidays can be a fun way to remember what it was like being young and celebrate love with little red hearts and in this case ganja leaves. Have a wonderful day no matter how you choose to celebrate it or not. 


Kelly Anne Walborn Ferraro is a long time lover of cannabis in all forms. She got married to her amazing partner, Anthony Ferraro on October 2, 2021! Kelly spends a majority of her time helping companies hire dedicated tech teams. Kelly shares about her personal journey with cannabis and some of the experiences she has had in the past. Check out some of their short form videos about how Anthony tackles the world as a blind man. The Ferraro’s end all their creative pieces with the message of “One Love”.

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