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Dabbing is one of the most popular cannabis consumption methods today and slowly overtaking more traditional delivery forms such as smoking joints, blunts and bowls. In an age where the cannabis industry is experiencing a historic economic and technological revival, new technologies and products are making marijuana consumption more effective, easy and fun.

Dabbing 101

Keeping up with the latest cannabis developments, however, can leave new and experienced concentrate users looking for an easy way to learn the essentials of dabbing to optimize their concentrate consumption experience. So, where is a curious marijuana consumer to go for an informative breakdown on all things dabbing?

That’s where Dab University comes in. The dabbing experts over at Yo Dabba Dabba have created a comprehensive lesson plan for concentrate users to learn everything there is to know about dabbing properly and safely. Let Yo Dabba Dabba’s veteran instructors Litt Britt and Terp Tina guide you through the ever-developing dabbing-related topics every week.

School’s In Session

Dab University’s weekly courses offer interested consumers fact-filled courses ranging from the basics of dabbing to using advanced techniques for the best dabbing experience. Below are the dabbing-related lessons you can expect to cover at Dab University.

  1. Dabbing 101: What Is Dabbing? – Newbies can gain a foundational understanding of the basics of dabbing and how to smoke dabs safely.

  2. Dabbing 102: Dabbing Tools – A dabber is only as good as the tools used. From dab rigs and bangers to carb caps and dabbers, this course covers how to use all the dab accessories available based on different conditions.

  3. Dabbing 103: Joint Size Guide – Find the perfect nail for your dab rig with this course that teaches you how to identify the right size and type of your dab rig’s joint.

  4. Dabbing 201: Temperature Guide – Temperatures affect the flavor and potency of your dab. Learn about the best dab temps and how to reach them every time without ruining your product.

  5. Dabbing 202: eNail Unboxing – Electronic nails, also known as eNails, are the epitome of precise temperature control in the dabbing world. Dab University takes a deep dive into the different types of eNails and how to use them.

Convenient Online Learning

Each lesson takes around 15 minutes to complete, and includes a video and adjoining article resources covering everything you need to know. If you’ve missed a lesson during the week, you can check out the video online at a later date so you can complete your training in a timely fashion.

At the end of each lesson, you can take a test to see how much information you’ve learned and retained. Dab University’s online resources can be accessed at any time and any place with an internet connection. That means you can take the class whenever is most convenient for you so you can start dabbing right away.

Best of all, Dab University’s courses are free to take, so anyone, regardless of budget, can learn how to dab safely. Dab University offers interested students a Graduation Package for anyone who wants to represent their school pride. The package includes a diploma, bumper sticker and Dabletics shirt.

This academy isn’t just some half-baked program that re-hashes outdated information on the basics of dabbing. Dab University features content written by some of the industry’s most knowledgeable dabbers. An in-depth exploration into the science of dabbing will teach even the most experienced dabbers a new thing or two.

Start learning from dabbing experts today. If you don’t pass the test on your first time, don’t fret. Dab University lets you re-take the course until you’ve mastered every lesson. Enroll now to start learning everything you need to know about getting high the right way.

Dab University


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