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Cured Resin Cartridge by Featured Farms

Cured Resin Cartridge Rove/Featured Farms | Where: Sunday Goods

So I have seen many types of cartridges but never have I seen a cured resin cartridge. I have seen plenty of live resin and even live rosin cartridges but this was something new. Instead of distillate or live plant material this cartridge was made using oils extracted from dried and cured cannabis buds. I must say I was thoroughly impressed. Although I do not know the strain, the flavor is a sweet citrus reminiscent of tangerine but slightly different. The effects were nice and strong but uplifting. Definitely hit more like an actual dab instead of your regular everyday cartridge. I suggest you head to Sunday Goods and find out how good these really are for yourself. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.


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