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Crunch Berries by Genesis Bioceuticals

Crunch Berries | ⅛ Pre-Packaged Genesis Bioceuticals | Jars Cannabis, New River

I haven’t heard of these guys, so when I saw a special up at Jars New River, I had to swoop in. I picked up 2 for $76. The cannabis is top quality, even with the lower test numbers. Very smooth and tasty. Bright white ashes when burned are exactly what we are looking for as cannabis connoisseurs. Each and every ⅛ comes with an individual 62% humidity regulator keeping the buds ideal. The only thing I did not like was the quality cannabis being squashed in a bag. I am excited for everyone to give this one a try. I am happy to see another quality cannabis choice on the market for consumers based right here in Phoenix, Arizona. By Kevin Vontesmar@MyRSOjourney.

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Kevin Vontesmar is a father and 2 time cancer patient. Kevin uses RSO as part of his cancer treatment plan and no longer uses any other medicines. Read about his experience and follow his journey on instagram.



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