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Cream Pie Kush by Mohave Cannabis

Cream Pie Kush | ⅛ Pre-Packaged Mohave | Nirvana Center Prescott

There are very few strains that live up to their name, but the Cream Pie Kush from Mohave does it. It is a few large dense nugs common in the quality from Mohave. The smell is that of a bakery opening, with the smells and tastes deeping into a pie flavor when smoked. The effects were fast, and hard hitting for me with a strong euphoric high that was overwhelmed by the need for a lazy cat nap after a few hours. By Adrian Ryan@drogado_del_gato.

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Adrian Ryan was born in New Mexico and attended school since elementary in Arizona, his time growing up split between the two states. He hopes to work towards recreational cannabis, enjoys reading, writing, film, music, and also writing music.


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