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Cookies n’ Cream Cold Cured Live Hash Rosin by DRIP

Cookies n’ Cream | Cold Cured Live Hash Rosin Drip | Where: Trumed

When it comes to Live Hash Rosin here in the Valley I feel like Drip is one of the most consistently reliable brands. With wax, quality to me is more flavors and effects. I find that, especially with rosins, the smell doesn’t always transfer to the flavor department but this Cold Cure from Drip was on point in every department including the looks and smell. Cracking the lid, I was hit with a sweet creamy scent like an iced cupcake with the faintest hint of gas. The flavor was almost like a creamy hard candy with that gas coming through on the exhale. The effects were mildly sedative but not overpowering. A perfect strain to make it over that midday hump. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.



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