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Chicken Coop: Level Up Dispensary

The level up dispensary in Scottsdale is by far one of the nicest and friendliest dispensaries that I have visited. As soon as you walk in you are greeted with smiles in a beautiful second floor suite.

Level Up Dispensary

Support the Troops!

After checking in, I see that Level Up is doing a drive for the troops to send them PopTarts while overseas and have a huge display. I absolutely love this since I have family over there right this second. We grab a couple pictures and continue into the waiting room inside.

While the photo guys are running around taking pictures of everything, I take the opportunity to ask the girls of Level Up some questions. I asked about the grow, which other than being able to tell me it’s indoor, they were not able to comment on it.  Level Up has 50 strains to choose from and, what’s even better is, they are in C Vaults. I love this, It adds to the beauty of the shop. You are able to see the flower and pick out the ones you want. They offer both BHO and SHO, but I wasn’t able to find any Rosin. The only SHO product I found was Full Melt Bubble Hash that they make in house.

Level Up Dispensary

The waiting room is very comfortable and has a great view for patients to relax while waiting for a budtender.

After talking with the girls for a bit, I wanted to take a look around and pick out some goodies. The dispensary is incredible and the selection is out of this world. They basically have anything and everything you would need. I was seriously like a kid in a candy store. The staff is very knowledgeable about all of their products and answered all of my questions. After looking through several different Cvaults, I went with some flower that the budtender recommended.  I got 1 gram of Mickey Kush and a rainbow preroll. Both were part of my first time patient deal. I also got some Moon Rocks and Auntie Dolores Pecans.

Level Up Dispensary

Level up offers so many great deals that it is hard to list them all. They have daily, weekly and monthly deals. The best thing to do is check out their website for the latest scoop and promotions. They offer all kinds of discounts too. Veteran and military discounts stack with daily deals.

One program that I plan on taking part in is the Patient for life program. This program helps pay for your MMJ card.  If you are a new patient, all you need to do is get certified by Level Up Dispensaries partner, Dr. Santo at the Scottsdale Certification Center. Once approved, Level Up will give you the choice of nine (9) $25 credits or three (3) $75 credits (totaling $225) to be used at Level Up Scottsdale. Existing patients of Level Up Dispensaries will automatically receive 10% back on each of their purchases to go toward their renewal card.

Level up Scottsdale also delivers!!  If you live 20-30 miles from the Scottsdale location, you can call in your order and have it brought right to you   I have disabled friends that I know will use this option.

Level up has two locations. The Scottsdale location has been open for over a year and they just opened a new location in Tempe. I was told that the location is open but is still under construction.

If you have been in to see the good people at level up, you are missing out.  They are friendly and willing to help you with anything you need. Make sure to stop by at either one of their locations.

Level Up Dispensary

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