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Canna Paint Lacquer

In a world full of CBD products, I love to come across one that catches my attention for a lesser known practical use. While most men will probably skip right over this article, I definitely think they should be aware that this could make a wonderful gift idea for your female companion! Plus, a little education never hurt anyone! CannaPaint’s CBD Lacquer not only has beautiful colors to match any occasion, but also as some may know, CBD has great antifungal and antibacterial properties! So not only will it paint your nails in amazing colors, but promotes healthy growth and treatment of your nails!

When I spoke with Lia Larkin, the owner of CannaPaint LLC, this is what she had to say:

“Color and Cannabis make me happy! I have always loved nail polish and all the different colors. I have been a Nail Tech since I was 19 and have seen a lot of nails in all different conditions. When I saw all the benefits CBD could have for nails, I decided to make my own Indie Polish Line and Infuse it with CBD. I first introduced it to my clients and they loved it, so thankful for them and their support. My Degree is also in Interior Design, with of course color theory being my favorite class. I loved mixing up the colors to create a new one. I truly feel like I have found my passion and that I get to do what I love every day!”

Canna Paint Lacquer

Since 2020, Lia has been hand mixing her CBD lacquers which are also Ten-Free, Vegan and Cruelty-Free. CBD contains vitamins D and E, lipids and fatty acids, all which will contribute to healthier nails. Some of the colors she’s created also have some cannabis-derived names to match accordingly! Such as: Cactus Diesel, Cherry Ak-47, Wedding Cake, and Cherry Kush!

And with such a great product on the market, I really hope she succeeds as a business! The results speak for themselves! I have several friends in the industry that use her nail products! I have heard lots of testimony and witnesses to the quality of her products.

Be on the lookout for new colors and seasonal collections, and get yours today!

Canna Paint Lacquer




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