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Boots on the Ground: Anna Forrister

My friend and former co-worker, Anna, was always an interesting person to talk to, be it about music, mason jars, or medical advice, rooted in some excellent thought; she was always amazing to speak with. She is only getting better, educating herself after finding success in cannabis leadership. Her work is rooted in thoughts not of our immediate time, and instead exploring imagination with her talent on canvas as of recent. It is a different story with every “doodle” but each speaks to a different feeling of childhood finding a place in the adult world. Her work will holler uncomfortable truths or savage blessings if you take time with, or explore yourself within it. Her Instagram is available to view and explore art that you might find on a notebook or the bar bathroom, @forristerdoodles. She allowed me the great honor of asking her a few questions, including what she is smoking while creating her art.

Who are you?

My name is Anna and I have been in the cannabis industry for about 2 years now. I have enjoyed all the twists and turns this industry throws my way and the opportunity to learn all the different sides of it. I have had a lot of freedom to express myself on a day to day basis and with my art with the help of cannabis. The love I have for it keeps me wanting to learn as much as I can, and share that with others.

What is your drive to create new art, where are you drawing inspiration?

I started painting simple to add some color and life to my home and I never stopped after the first painting because I realized how much I enjoyed it. I draw almost all of my inspiration from the cartoons I grew up with like Ahhhh!!! Real Monsters and Courage the Cowardly dog that really sparked my interest in creating creatures of my own. I also love painting over/on top of older paintings I find at thrift stores or flea markets. I love doing unintentional collabs. I always wonder what the original artists would think of what I’ve done to their paintings. Maybe one day I will find out.

What sort of mediums do you use?

Watercolor is my favorite way to paint, but I use acrylic most of the time because I can some big dramatic pieces with acrylic paint

What can people take away from your art and how it’s made?

I hope people look at my art and feel inspired to dig deep into their imaginations and try to surface something they love. I have never taken art classes and have minimal skill and I hope that people can notice the sincerity in my work and feel more comfortable to go past their comfort zones.

What’s your favorite way to medicate?

I enjoy flower the best. There is something so personal about rolling your own joint and sharing it with others. Flower gives me the best feeling and I get to admire it more

Any favorite brands or strains?

I have recently been enjoying a lot of Nectar Farms strains, Garlicane is my go to.

Where can people see more of you, and what do you have coming up?

People can follow my art’s instagram @forristerdoodles and see what pieces I have being worked on. All of my work is up for sale as well.

I will always see or find the brilliance in my friends, especially Anna with her art. Her thinking is top notch, and sincere in every way possible, so I feel every work I see. It is always a feeling lost in youth and felt again in age, whatever the top end of nostalgia is for a 90’s child. The paintings also pull at heartstrings, with a spark of intelligence calling for more, to create more but hasn’t quite found how. I feel it, more as a musician, followed closely as someone in the industry after that. The soul cries for more ways to reach others and help, but we are sometimes held back by what we share. Anna is putting everything out, while asking nothing with her creations, which to me is worth the attention in needs.

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