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BOBS Live Resin by Jerome Baker + Errl Hill

BOBS | Live Resin  JBD/Errl Hill | Jerome Baker Cannabis

I have no idea what the strain BOBS is but I do know this extract was phenomenal. After a trip to Vegas and visiting the Jerome Baker Dream Factory, the boss Mikey came back with these samples. He was told the strain was grown outdoors in Northern California where some of the finest cannabis in the world is grown and was also extracted there. Cracking the lid I was hit with a super sweet smell that reminded me of Runts… the candy, not the strain. Super sweet like a blend of different candies in one bag. The effects were really strong but uplifting and euphoric with not one bit of laziness or couch lock. A true sativa, this strain is perfect to make you get up and go or enjoy while on the move . If you ever have the opportunity to try some Live Resin by Jerome Baker Cannabis and Errl Hill, I highly suggest you do so. By Arturo Delgado@tookkie_terpenestein.

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