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Belushi's Farm Blues Brothers | Frosted Donuts | 3.5g

Frosted Donuts

Belushi's Farm Blues Brothers | Frosted Donuts | 3.5g

The Blues Brothers are on a mission from God in the name of kicking Nazi ass and saving the orphanage. Their side quest is supplying the world with medical cannabis. Frosted donuts is a cultivar we've gotten used to from other suppliers, and this Belushi strain smokes with the same fresh sweet flavor. Testing around 25% total THC, this heavy hitter lands users right in the sweet spot of tasty town. Notes of Pine and gas accompany sweet cake flavors. Expect a slow physical onset with subtle euphoric vibes. Frosted Donuts is one of the easier going strains from Blues Brothers lineup, a welcome addition to a new menu of powerful couch-sitting strains and classic Afghan lineage. Arizona Belushi's Farm and Blues Brothers products are coming soon!

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