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“Get your a** in here right now Shane E#&$× Stanford!” was a phrase I heard from my mom a lot, and I’m sure tons of other kids had that full name yell come from their mom’s mouths a lot too. Parenting is one of those things that is so much different from when we were growing up. I say this realizing I’m probably the last generation that was raised by the belt. By that I mean only speak when you’re spoken to, be seen not heard, screw up catch an a## whooping. The days when a parent could smoke a cigarette in the car with their kid and it was totally normal and ok, but was severely shunned for smoking cannabis. They could be deemed bad parents, drug addicted parents, and even risk losing their kids to the state. Thankfully we live in times where cannabis is becoming more and more legal, more and more acceptable. More people are coming out and speaking up about cannabis. These people are white collar, blue collar, CEO’S to baggers, and even PARENTS. Yes Moms and Dads are sparking it up and are still holding it down as amazing parents. I wrote an article called Dank Dads a while back, but I wanted to follow up with another article. An article about Moms, so I reached out and had a great time doing this interview. So here we go, spark up and enjoy.


What is your name?

Breana and Bernice.

So wait, there are two of you? Identical or fraternal?

Yes there are two! We are identical, even though we have some differences. It’s easier to tell us apart when we’re together than when we’re apart.

Where are you 2 from and what do you 2 do?

We are from Cali baby! A city called Vista in San Diego County. I, Breana, am a bartender at a restaurant and I, Bernice, am an assistant property manager.


Are you both moms?

We are both proud mamas. I, Bernice, of 1 beautiful princess and Breana of 3 handsome boys.

Is cannabis part of your daily regime?

We definitely intake on a daily basis. We especially like to use it as a ‘pre-workout’ before the gym. As moms, we are constantly running around trying to get things done (grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning etc.). We have found that it really helps with calming the nerves on those overwhelming days.

How does cannabis help you?

Having such a busy day balancing house work, the kids, and work, it definitely puts our stress at ease. When it comes to working out, we feel it helps with being able to zone into the music and workout better and longer.

Mom’s drinking has been normalized for so long, don’t you think it’s time we normalize cannabis for moms?

Definitely! Cannabis is an all-natural herb, it’s the new tea at tea time ☺


Do you think it is ok to be up front and open about cannabis as a parent? If so, why? If not, why?

Honesty is the best policy! It is definitely okay to be open and upfront about it. This is an all-natural herb that helps us moms get through some of our day to day tasks. We are still able to get up in the morning and take care of business and stay productive. We want to show that there is a difference between in taking and abusing.

So do you think being in a recreational state makes it easier being a mom vs moms in medical or illegal states?

We do feel that it does make it easier for us living in a recreational state mainly because that’s one less thing we have to worry about. Aside from taking our children to the doctors and dentist appointments and our own doctors and dentist appointments, that’s just another appointment we have to worry about. Being able to just get up and head to the dispensary seems very convenient.


What would you like to see in the future of parenting and cannabis?

We would like for parents to be more open to speaking about it. Being a parent in the cannabis industry can be challenging when society has a negative outlook on it. We would also like to see how parents use it in their everyday lives.

So with that, moms raise your wine glasses and toast or better yet spark a bowl and cheers. Still see that last comment as an issue? Well, don’t! Don’t let stigmas and the closed minded older society cloud your thoughts and views. Cannabis and parenting should be just as, well, way more acceptable than parenting and drinking.



Shane Stanford is a dank dad living in New Mexico. Read more of his articles and follow him on Instagram @NMBeardedMan



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