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Bacteria After Dark – Pseudomonas fluorescens

To all the master growers, sleep tight and don’t let the microbes bite. Have you ever wondered why things seem to happen while us humans are in dreamland? Have you ever wondered how a plant can flower in the dark? Good Question. Well here are the answers. When it comes to microorganisms, particularly bacteria, there is no differentiation between day and night. Bacteria species must adapt at the drop of a dime in order to survive. In other words, bacteria live in micro-environments that are constantly changing faster than we can inhale and exhale. Just like us scientists, an experienced cannabis grower knows that the most important nutrient for his or her plants is “PATIENCE.”  

Enough of the complex talk, lets venture off into the dark, where the temperatures drop, humidity increases, and moisture levels fluctuate within the micro-sites of soil. So how can bacteria actually survive these changes? Survival in the soil is key and many microbes have developed special traits to do so.  The featured article photos are of Pseudomonas fluorescens.

Pseudomonas fluorescens can give off a slight glow under a UV light. This ability to glow under UV light is not reserved for the Pseudomonas family alone, but they were the discovery organism. A word to the wise, even while we sleep, beneficial bacteria are hard at work taking care of our plants. These microorganisms don’t stop and go hard 24/7. I would say that they are B, A, D, BAD.

Soil is diverse and we know that it contains more than just Pseudomonas species. So what happens when you’re a bacteria in the soil that cannot produce an endospore, how does it survive these changes? It has to adapt or die period.

The Pseudomonas species are complex and live in a wide variety of environments, including soils and water sources. Most notable is the harsh environments and conditions in which they can survive.

These guys can really take care of the dirty work. What sets this family apart from others is their metabolic functions. Meaning, when conditions become unfavorable, they simply slow down their metabolisms. Doing this allows these species to thrive in almost any environment, even after the lights go out. They work all night throughout the changes in the system.

Another key component to their survival is the ability to break down various carbon sources. Basically, they can breakdown and consume just about anything, even other bacteria. It is eat or be eaten when it comes to survival in the microbial world, Pseudomonas family are savages.

They will go so far as to eat the dead bacteria. The dead bacteria become tasty pockets of food. What remains after the feast are soluble nutrients for the plant to absorb. Having a healthy concentration of Pseudomonas species will create high competition, leaving less food and space for pathogenic microbes. These guys definitely belong in your garden with all the other beneficial microbes. It is amazing to think of all the functions that bacteria can perform. They can make nutrients available, protect the plant, and some of them can even glow in the dark.

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