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Athena Vape Pen by Octo

Athena Vape Pen | $35.00 MSRP Octo | Paraphernalia Boutique

This stylish device is ready to dab with you in the most discreet of places. Load with your favorite concentrates and set the power depending on your preference. Five clicks powers the device on and off and three clicks adjusts the power level. Two clicks activates the warm up cycle. Hold the button while inhaling to use. We raffled this unit that was donated from Paraphernalia Boutique to a lucky reader. Then we went back and got ourselves one for the shop. Paraphernalia Boutique also offers discounts for veterans, seniors and students. Athena Vape Pen was designed and distributed in Phoenix, Arizona. It is very easy to use and comes with a one year warranty. Reviewed by Michael Cassini.


  1. Athena Wax Pen

  2. Extra Dual Quartz Coil

  3. Dabber

  4. Micro USB Charger

  5. Magnetic Coil Cap

  6. Glow in the Dark Silicone Container


900 MAH Battery Variable Power Levels Replaceable Dual Quartz Coil One Year Warranty

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