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Arizona Welcomes New MMJ Drive-Thru

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In the midst of social distancing, to-go food and pick up only, The Mint Dispensary has already broken ground on their newest addition to the Arizona cannabis community – a fully functional drive thru to serve patients at their Guadalupe/Tempe location.

Your first thought might be, ‘Oh, how convenient’, or maybe, ‘But, I prefer going into the dispensary’ for my meds. The truth is, a drive thru isn’t for everyone – it is for those that really need it.

Why do we need an MMJ Drive-thru?

  1. Many MMJ patients in Arizona struggle to pick up medicine due to physical limitations. AZ dispensaries have done a good job preparing their spaces for anybody to enter, but the ability to stay in your car is unmatched for these patients. These could include chronic conditions as well as for those patients recovering from surgery or illness.

  2. Let’s be honest, parents use cannabis, and a drive-thru can simplify a dispensary trip for them. Imagine trying to buy meds with your kids.

  3. Opening a new checkout line, whether inside or outside, drive-thru or walk-in, is going to speed up service. This is good for everyone, even for the patients who still prefer to shop inside.

In addition to the new drive thru at the Guadalupe location, we can also look for a new Mint location at N. Cave Creek and Bell in Phoenix. Its Mesa dispensary is also currently undergoing a significant renovation to include expanded retail space and an on-site cultivation and processing center.

The Mint isn’t restricting itself to Arizona, they will be expanding their national presence into Michigan and Massachusetts. Both states have approved recreational adult-use cannabis. We look forward to seeing our local brands reach across the nation making Arizona a leader in MMJ.

Joseph Cassini is a writer and designer for The Cannabis Cactus Magazine. He enjoys cooking, history, and smoking cannabis outside of the city.


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