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Arizona Barber Expo

Arizona Barber Expo

Since the beginning of time, humans have found ways to express themselves, whether it be romantically, spiritually, physically, or visually. Visual expression has evolved over the years, and one of the oldest visual mediums is a haircut. Over time, hairstyles have evolved, and each era has had its own unique style. Whether it's the afro puff in the '70s, the Jerry curl in the '80s, the flat top in the '90s, or the Fade in the early 2000s, to name a few, haircuts have become a part of your personality, conveying your style and self-perception.

Being a barber, or becoming one, grants you power and importance within the community. The barbershop has also become a place where one can discuss everyday life without judgment or praise. While different cultural hairstyles have emerged, they all share a common element: the use of machines to cut hair. In modern times, the barbering industry has reached new heights with a range of styles and swag, from tapers to the Edgar cut, and every color on the spectrum.

At the forefront of this movement is the Arizona Barber Expo, now in its fourth year. The Arizona Barber Expo not only brings together diverse cutting styles but also showcases fashion, including shoes and unique clothing brands, as well as all the necessary elements for providing an exceptional barbering experience. And as of 2023, even artificial intelligence has become a part of this evolving landscape. Let's talk to Tootie Perez, founder of the AZ Barber Expo.

Arizona Barber Expo

How long have you been cutting hair?

I got interested in Barbering and started messing people up in High school.

What made you want to start a barber expo here in Arizona?

Going to major shows like the LV Barber Expo made me realize that AZ is missing out. I wanted to bring that experience to AZ and help give us a platform and make our mark in the industry

The 2023 Arizona Barber Expo had some great celebrity influencer Barbers, speaking with over 300 hundred people showing up for the morning conference from 10am to 12pm.

Who were you guest speakers this year?

We had Sean from Tomb45, the godfather himself Jay Majors, Squires own Papito Blessedhands and world renowned barber Edwin the Barber.

Is cutting hair here in Arizona different from cutting in other states or cities?

I wouldn't say that it's different, but we're definitely slept on. People have this image of Arizona as a desert and tumbleweeds, lol, but when they get here they see we're actually booming.

More About Tootie Perez

Founder and creator of the AZ Barber Expo and owner of True Fades Barbershop has set up Arizona barbers with one of the best platforms in the country. Barbers come from all over the United States to be a part of the Arizona Barbers Expo. New York , Miami , Washington and California just to name a few. The future is bright for Arizona with so many organizations and talent.

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