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Ardent FX | Cannabis Infuser

Ardent FX | Cannabis Infuser

Ardent FX | Cannabis Infuser

Before making any THC recipe, the first thing you will need to do is to decarb your cannabis and infuse it into one of your ingredients - simple syrup, milk, olive oil, butter, etc. What I mean by decarbing is activating the THC from THCA (I’m not a scientist, but you need to do this). I use the Ardent FX for both the decarbing and infusing because it gives me 100% bioavailability and no burnt ounces of very expensive cannabis. It’s a brilliant piece of micro-processor machinery that does exactly what you need to do for any infused recipe. Your toaster oven will work, as will your regular oven, but they offer inconsistent heating and recycling times leading to flawed decarbs. I will always recommend a solid product like the Ardent FX over any of these other methods.

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