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Apple Fritter Cold Cure Rosin by Superior Extracts

Apple Fritter | Cold Cure Rosin Superior Extracts | The Superior Dispensary

From presentation to inhalation, this Apple Fritter was a treat. Cracking the lid, I was hit with the aroma of a candied apple dipped in gas. The flavor was slightly sweet with more of a hint of pine cutting through the gas and sweetness. The effects were strong but well balanced. Although the dab did hit me hard and I did feel the effects immediately, they were not overwhelmingly sedative or stimulating. Instead I found myself in a perfect state of relaxation while still being aware of my surroundings and able to get up and move around no problem. Day or night this apple fritter will do you right so get on over to The Superior Dispensary and grab some. By Arturo Delgado@tookkie_terpenestein.

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