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American Green | Cereal Milk


American Green | Cereal Milk

American Green has been on Arizona retail shelves since long before recreational marijuana sales began. With a primary focus on the medical patient, this facility and staff has always prioritized genetics and quality control at every corner, to help ensure quality medicine is the result. Cereal Milk is a wildly popular Cookies strain for its potent effects and sweet creamy flavors. The lineage is composed of both indica and sativa parent hybrids Y-Life which is Cookies x Cherry Pie, and the sativa dominant parent Snowman. This batch is testing at 21% THC, which may feel more potent than what you are used to because of a robust terpene content. For me, this is a great strain for pain relief and appetite stimulation. I suspect there are many medical properties that may be expressed by this potent plant. I found this while shopping at Sol Flower in North Phoenix, and have also seen the brand throughout Arizona.



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