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Altered Carbon

Netflix | 2 seasons

In a supposed future, immortality has become possible. A person’s memory and consciousness can be transferred to a chip that is housed at the base of the human skull, called a stack. If the person dies, the stack can be transferred to a clone or another body. Of course, each body has its price, and only the super rich have the ability to clone indefinitely and remote backup their memories, in essence, to live forever. However, real death is a possibility, if the chip containing this person’s data is destroyed along with any backup, it would erase the person permanently.

In this cyberpunk, Takeshi Kovacs is our protagonist. With a complicated past, he enters the story as an incarcerated criminal, where his stack, the chip, is in prison. He is bailed out and is put into a body at the request of one of the super rich, also known as Meth. As the last Envoy, Takeshi is tasked with finding the attempted murderer of said Meth. From this point, we begin to know Takeshi, his past, his motivations and how this society is trapped in a lifestyle that limits the value of life. Altered Carbon was written under the hand of Laeta Kalogridis and adapted from the novel under the same title. I doubt this series will disappoint you. It is loaded with action, reflection and a great job on the part of the cast of actors that will keep you in tension, and also, you will fall in love with the history of all these characters.

Irene Llorente is a designer and writer for The Cannabis Cactus Magazine. She likes drawing with pencils, painting with watercolors, and sometimes she works in digital 3D. Her interests include nature, specifically birds and bugs, exercise and historical theology. See her art on her website or Instagram.



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