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Alien Pharaoh by Shango Cannabis

Alien Pharaoh | ⅛ Pre-Packaged Shango Cannabis | Arizona Cannabis Society

Mikey: Holy smokes, this Egyptian knows how to dance. Can’t wait for this new line up from Shango to hit stores across the valley. Alien Pharaoh pairs two heavy hitting indica hybrids. Find out what it means to be an Egyptian Pharaoh with a puff off of this new strain!

Adrian: Dense, frosty, and a beautiful lime green would describe this nug. A smell like yellow mustard and candy are very potent with flavors that are shockingly sweet. Breaking this bud up in a grinder left me smiling as it filled it to the top. Effects left me spacy, laughing, and looking for a snack while feeling good.

Jordyn: Alien Pharaoh is what I would consider a beginner “exotic” strain. The aromas it gives off reminds me of those that Blue Dream poses. Flavor wise you get that blue dream essence with subtle hints of cream. The slow creeping high was perfect for the duration of the blunt. It was not until I was finished that those stones hit and the couch lock was real. Only negative is that for the price point it will be offered at, it could have been tended for a little better. 

Arturo: I’m sure we all know cannabis use goes back thousands of years, even to the time of Ancient Egypt. Ancient Egyptians called it shemshemet and was used for fiber and textile but it’s also thought that the more psychoactive components may have been used medicinally. We also know the Ancient Egyptians were buried with specific “grave goods” thought to be needed in the afterlife such as precious metals and even food and water. I can’t help but think if the Egyptians would have had this strain it most definitely would have been treasured. With the sweet smell of candy, a bit of spice and an absolutely beautiful frosty structure you can definitely tell that this treasure was well taken care of. Although this is an Indica dominant strain, the smell reminded me of a Blue Dream as did the effects being more of an uplifting clear high. A couple bowls of this in the morning and I was ready for breakfast and to start my day. Great strain all around, absolutely no complaints. From cracking the lid to cashing the bowl, it was an all around pleasant experience. Definitely a must try.

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