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Advice from a WiseBird: TahoeBird | Interview

“Tell your story to whomever listens, ignore those that don’t, and let passion and instinct drive you through the roller coaster ride.” Jacob @tahoebird

Interview: @TahoeBird

What will be the worst part of legalization?

The death of craft cannabis. Although, “legacy” brands are never forgotten or wanted by consumers. The demand for “craft” anything always stays alive by true connoisseurs. Most likely taxes and increased fees will not be fun. Cost of entry gets steeper and steeper for anyone who isn’t currently at the table pre ballot.

What was the legalization process like in your home state?

It was like a salmon spawning, swimming upstream, and getting eaten by bigger animals like grizzlies. Where only the strong survive and are lucky enough to lay some eggs.


What challenges can Arizona expect to face during legalization?

Monopolization, if it hasn’t happened already……..without a base of “craft/cottage” cannabis (with a five year window (Prop 64) like CA had, and the ruling state party, I think AZ will be similar to NV where the small players quickly become employees.

It’s about networking and standing on the shoulders of the bigger players, not going head to head with them….. As a “zero tolerance” state, I strongly feel it’s a state responsibility to ensure equity programs to help level the playing field. There needs to be representatives and leaders in the industry to work hand in hand as an advisory council in each region. With elected officials on a local and state level, they ought to make sure there’s not a long term corporate squeeze play.


@TahoeBird in the lab

What should I look for when I shop new hash and concentrate brands?

Ask yourself if the brand or product is based on EC, “Educational Content”, or C “Culture”. Are patients’ safety and knowledge priority over hype with marketing attraction formulas? The company’s mantras and philosophies will always result in the type of medicine they manufacture or procure for their label.

What is happening in cannabis right now in 2020 that is exciting to you?

Innovation….I see everyone pulling out the aces up their sleeves, because at the end of the day IP, ”Intellectual Property”, is king in such an infantile industry. Also, it is truly amazing to see, not only all of our hard work paying off, but our colleagues as well. We’ve all been on the same ride. And this industry is nothing short of the Superman ride over and over again, for years in a row until you puke and all of a sudden there is somewhat of a light at the end of the tunnel, and proof of concept is real. When you’re in the same arena as the big dogs and still standing through a “pandemic” year, with your business alive and intact…….now that’s exciting and priceless!


What is some final advice from Wise Bird Handcrafted Products?

Make sure your brand and company has a voice, and use it. Tell your story to whomever listens (ignore those that don’t), and let passion and instinct drive you through the roller coaster ride. Surround yourself with like minded people and quietly/quickly separate yourself from those with other interests. Although, noise is needed sometimes. Your voice will create advocacy, stand for something, your ethical, political, and moral platform will ensure you’re always in a room amongst friends.

What can we look forward to from Wise Bird in 2021?

We have so many projects always going on. Working with so many great people and brands is truly a surreal career some days. I feel honored to be a “Hash Maker”, because there’s not many of us out there. Building quality long lasting relationships is our goal in 2021. We can all look forward to Wise Bird spreading our wings to fly with others and make some of these five year goals within our grasps, and big picture conversations we have had for so many years come to fruition.

I’d like to thank everyone in Arizona for always supporting us! From you and your team and all of our friends we’ve met in AZ, there has never been anything but love. It truly means a lot to us so many miles away! With Love from Lake Tahoe #besafebehealthybewise


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Michael Cassini

Michael Cassini is the founder and editor in chief of The Cannabis Cactus Magazine. He focuses on community relationships with a goal to maintain a culture of love, peace and knowledge in the cannabis industry.



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