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A Stoner’s Trip to Charleston, SC

I didn’t realize how much of my life, and my identity, revolved around travel until I couldn’t do it anymore due to COVID. My boyfriend and I had a trip planned to Chile and Argentina for the beginning of October, but since it’s not really possible to cross country borders right now, we decided to take a trip to Charleston instead. One of my oldest friends and her family live there, and her husband just happens to be a chef and have helped start two of the best restaurants in the area, so I knew we’d be well taken care of and well fed… and honestly, we were ready for a beach vacation. We made completely sure to follow all regulations for wearing masks, used sanitizer and washed our hands religiously, and stayed as far as possible away from other groups to keep both ourselves and others safe and healthy. There’s nothing wrong with traveling during this time… after all, everyone needs to keep some semblance of mental sanity… but please make sure you are being respectful and considerate of your health and others’.

South Carolina is pretty conservative and doesn’t have legal cannabis of any kind, including medical, but as always, a will finds a way, and having a good friend in town didn’t hurt either. There are a ton of amazing things to do in the Charleston area for stoners, and my boyfriend and I spent 5 days eating edibles and wandering around. October seems to be the perfect time to enjoy beautiful beach weather, but it isn’t too hot for spending time outdoors and on patios, which is necessary during COVID. This is my list of our favorite things that we did which were a perfect recipe for a slightly high adventure.

Folly Beach, Charleston

Folly Beach | Charleston, SC

We stayed on Folly Beach, which is one of the islands in the Charleston area, and is of course right on the water. We got an Airbnb within walking distance of the ocean (it was a steal during this time!) and spent much of our time on the beach, snacking and drinking beers and boogie boarding, while making sure to stay as far as possible from everyone else. One of our favorite things to do on Folly Beach was renting kayaks with Flipper Finders. $20 gets you your own kayak for 2 hours, which launches from the Folly River pier and leads out towards the ocean. We popped some edibles and headed out, and within minutes of getting away from the other boats, we were surrounded by dolphins, surfacing sometimes just a few yards away. I love sea life, so I was in absolute heaven, and for some time I actually just sat in my kayak in the middle of the water, enjoying the dolphins and the breeze and the sun while the weed kicked in. I sat there for so long that a family on a motor boat cruised by to see if I needed help…. but I was absolutely fine, just enjoying the day and stoned out of my gourd.

On Folly Beach, we loved The Washout restaurant and The Lowdown Oven & Bar, and an island staple is Chico Feo, which has fresh Carribean grub and live music every night. All have ample outdoor seating and social distancing options. Folly Beach at night is safe, peaceful, and beautiful, and we went out nearly every night to get stoned and look at the stars with the sand in our toes, and just listen to the sounds of the tide.

Oysters in Charleston

The Ordinary | Charleston, SC

We didn’t rent a car because we didn’t want to worry about parking, and also wanted to be able to enjoy beverages while going out, and Folly Beach itself was very easy to walk around. Heading into Charleston takes about a 15-minute drive, but there aren’t a lot of Ubers or Lyfts at the beach towns, so just keep in mind that it may take a bit to get a car to head out. Once in Charleston, we headed right down to The Battery to start our adventure day in the city. The Battery is a landmark defensive seawall at the very edge of Charleston, built in the early 1800s and infamous for its stately historical mansions. From there, we walked to The Ordinary (make sure to stop at Second State Coffee for a brew if you need a pick-me-up). The Ordinary is a world-renowned seafood restaurant offering shellfish towers… we only did a single tower, which was plenty for two people, and offered some of the freshest and most delicious oysters and clams that I’ve ever had. It’s not a cheap spot, and you will need a reservation, but it’s well worth it and an unforgettable experience.

It was starting to rain a bit but it was still warm, and after dark we headed over to Buxton Books to grab a ghost tour with Tour Charleston. We were the only tour that had access to the Unitarian Church Cemetery graveyard at night, which was an awesome and spooky experience (especially high as a kite), and were also given lots of information about historical hauntings in Charleston’s early times. It’s a bit of a cheesy thing, but if you like history and spooky stuff, it’s definitely worth the $22 per ticket, especially if it’s a lightly rainy night in the middle of October.

We didn’t get to check it out, but I heard amazing things about Charleston Pour House, which is an amazing outdoor music venue with multiple food truck options and great vibes. Another great thing to do on a rainy day is to check out the Gibbes Museum of Art. Get a coffee at their resident coffee shop, and also make sure to check out their crazy miniature art exhibit.

Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC

My favorite part of the entire weekend was our night at the Obstinate Daughter restaurant, which was started by my friend’s husband, Jacques Larson, who is an incredible infamous local chef and an even better person. The Obstinate Daughter is located on Sullivan’s Island just a few minutes outside of downtown Charleston, and has incredible small plates, oysters, and pizza TO DIE FOR. They’re part of the progressive food movement in Charleston and get all of their product from small local and sustainable farmers, making all of their food extremely fresh and delicious. My personal favorites were the Geechie Frites, the Rutledge pizza, and Ricotta Gnocchi with short ribs. This was some of the best food I’ve had in a very long time, and just seeing my friends and enjoying this incredible dinner was worth the trip in itself.

As we continue to move forward during this weird time, let’s all remember that even as life goes on and travel continues to happen, it’s important to be respectful, kind, and most importantly, wash your hands and WEAR YOUR MASK! I personally can’t wait until the time when everything is back to normal, but until then, a little vacation, some fun in the sun, and a high dosage of indica-based chocolate chip cookies will do a body good.

Heidi Keyes is the Founder of Puff, Pass & Paint, and Co-Founder & President of Cannabis Tours. Heidi writes about her experiences, sharing her advice, travel tips, and wisdom in Puff, Pass Ponder.


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