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92 OG Hash by The Superior

92 OG | Hash The Superior | The Superior Dispensary

So, this right here is what originally brought me to The Superior Dispensary. Good old fashioned hash. Not hash oil, but old school traditional hash. I remember in my younger days putting hash on a pin or thumbtack needle with the needle pointed upwards to light the hash, blow it out, cover it with a glass and simply lift the glass slightly on one side to inhale the smoke (straws definitely help with this process). If you want to get a better idea of what I am talking about, look up @knucklesglass, he makes old school hash domes. This 92 OG hash was a bit more sandy, so it worked well to mix with flower and top bowls. I found it very effective and the perfect boost for flower, as it minimized my dabs through the day. I definitely recommend you try some traditional hash, especially if you’re a flower smoker that wants an extra kick without the hassle of wax. By Arturo Delgado@tookkie_terpenestein.


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