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1:1 Pain Relief Ointment by Chronic Health

1:1 Pain Relief Ointment | 56g Chronic Health | Where: Nirvana Center

This ointment from Chronic Health is infused with 3.5g of flower and is 1:1 THC:CBD. I have been having a lot of spine, knee and wrist pain from old injuries when I scooped this ointment. I have kept mine in the fridge to keep it thick which allows for a little easier application. Body heat brings it back to an oily state quickly, making it very easy to spread around the affected areas and absorbing quickly. A slight topical numbing quickly helped alleviate any discomfort I was feeling, while I could feel that with the continued use during the last week I was needing to use less for pain and more for continued treatment of inflammation. Really cannot say enough about having a topical medicated ointment on hand when you have chronic pain. By Jeff Lanier – @revsoddesigns.


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