Weed The People | New Mexico Cannabis Legalization

We as Americans were given The Constitution of the United States of America to protect our rights and give us freedom. It even starts off “Weed the people” or maybe it’s “We the people.” Either way as more states change their laws and allow the cultivation and consumption of cannabis the Federal Government is still sitting with their thumbs up their ass.

Do you remember the first time you smoked some herb? I definitely remember my first time. It was still illegal. We used a soda can with the paint scraped off and some small knife slits stabbed into the can. Well, fast forward but not too far forward. While most of us were still taking hot knife hits or bath tub gravity rips, California was working on its Medical Cannabis laws and reform. That’s right, while the Feds were still fighting “The War On Drugs” and imprisoning tons of people over cannabis, California was changing laws. In 1996 California started their medical cannabis program. They were soon followed by Alaska and Nevada in 1998. But hold on, maybe we fast forwarded too much. Was California really the first state? Was it seriously the late nineties before cannabis laws started changing?

Well, let me tell you something, California wasn’t the first. The first state to do a medical cannabis program was actually 20 years ahead of California.