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Wedding Mints by Mohave Cannabis

Wedding Mints | Indica Hybrid Mohave Cannabis | Debbie’s Dispensary

A unique cross of Kush Mints and Wedding Cake. This is a high THC producing hybrid, NOT for the novice smoker. Beautiful purple and green hues amongst the buds. The taste comes through the pallet just like the smells hit the nostril. Very tasty floral smack with a hint of citrus, ended with that earthy goodness. This strain fits right into Mohave’s lineup of bangers. Heavy indica. Relaxed. Euphoric. Uplifting mood. Written by Kevin Vontesmar. By Kevin Vontesmar@MyRSOjourney.

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Kevin Vontesmar is a father and 2 time cancer patient. Kevin uses RSO as part of his cancer treatment plan and no longer uses any other medicines. Read about his experience and follow his journey on instagram.



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